From Bitacora Europe Commoditys we are pleased to welcome you to our company integrated in the group Ricus Comercio Ldta, located in Brazil.

Our company is dedicated to the distribution of essential oils originating in the Amazon. Practically, most of the oils we distribute originate from there, however we also find other types of oils created in different regions.
Our products are characterized by being totally natural. In addition, each of our products provides improvements and solutions to health and body problems.

Being a company that works closely with the Ricus group, our prices are more affordable in the market since we do not work with intermediaries and that provides a guarantee of product and service, both in origin and destination.

The products included in our website are mainly raw materials related to food, essential oils and trademarks of cosmetics and perfumery without artificial components of character and natural purity.

Our commercial activities are directed to groups and companies specialized in the sector preferably community. Another characteristic in our company is that we work in partnership with logistic and customs companies in origin, facilitating, in this way, the bureaucratic and administrative complexity from its exit.